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When booking a holiday house a deposit beyond the rent must be paid. The deposit must be paid 10 days after the booking at the latest. The rent must be paid 5 weeks before moving into the house at the latest.

Extended weekend:

The weekend can be extended by one day for an additional amount of euro 69,-


It is possible to arrive Sunday at 20.00 for an dditional amount of euro 55,-
House 218 is arriving Sunday not availible.
If renting Monday-Friday in the weeks 7 & 8 an additional euro 137,-

Last - Minute

  • Offer:

The current rental price less last-minute discount is displayed on each house.


Arrival and departure:
Monday-Friday: ............ Monday at 12.00 to Friday at 10.00
Weekend: .................... Friday at 16.00 to Sunday at 14.00
Week (7 days) Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Key, reading card and driving direction will be sent to you approx. 1 week before arrival, so that you can drive directly to the house. If you are moving into the house earlier you can´t complaint against the cleaning of the house.


The Standard:

Our assortment are having 2 standadizations, which showing the condition of the houses. The luxury houses are in the best condition and the Pool/Whirlpoolhouses are in the lower category. At the same time are the age of the house also having an influence of the condition.

Pool check:

An amount of 40 euro is collected for a pool check, which is carried out two times a week. At arrival the pool has a pre-set temperature of 26-29º C. If a higher temperature is required, this must be arranged with the bureau.


The cleaning is to the following prices:
0 - 110 m² ...............Euro 116,-
111 - 160 m² ...........Euro 130,-
161 - 190 m² ...........Euro 150,-
191 - 230 m² ...........Euro 172,-
231 - 260 m² ...........Euro 192,-
261 – 360 m² ..........Euro 206,-
361 – 460 m² ..........Euro 233,-
461 – 600 m² ..........Euro 274,-
601 – 800 m² ..........Euro 342,-


When cancelling the tenancy, up till 4 weeks before arrival after paying the deposit, 20% of the amount goes to the letter. After 4 weeks the amount cannot be paid back. If the tenancy is altered to a later date, 20% of the amount goes to the letter. The amount for the insurance will also go to the letter.


8% of the rent amount is collected as an insurance in connection with illness. The insurance covers serious illness, accident or death until arrival at the house. The insurance is valid for all travellers and their spouses, children, grand children, great grand children, sisters and brothers, parents, grand parents and great grand parents. when cancelling the bureau demands a medical certificate / death certificate.

Present in the house:

Sleeping quilts, china and cutlery for the amount of persons the house is equipped for. Coffee machine, hand-held mixer, toaster, vacuum cleaner, brushes ctc. and reciever dish without the possibility of having payment channals. Distance to the water is measured in direct air line.

Bring along:

Bee clothes for the cot, bed linen, towels, cleansing agent, tea towel, dishcloth, floor cloth, firewood etc.

Domestic animals:

It is allowed to bring domestic animals unless written otherwise, however, they cannot be in the pool area.

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